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L.R. Baggs is revolutionizing the way people listen to acoustic instruments. From their patented TRU MIC technology, engineered to provide studio mic’d performance for the stage to their pedals specifically created for the acoustic player. L.R. Baggs uses 3D printing to prototype and test new hardware for their line.

Elevate Your Project

Leka uses Shapeways to help develop robots for children and adults with special needs in learning. Using relaxing colors, vibrations and sounds, the robot helps to encourage social interaction, along with games to develop gross and fine motor skills. 

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Decimal is making waves in the lighting industry. Based out of Vancouver and Mexico City, Decimal develops and manufactures state-of-the-art 3D printed light fixtures. Their customizable high-grade 3D printed shades are printed in Shapeways versatile plastic for a fully finished customizable product. 

On demand 3D manufacturing 

Quantum-systems GmbH develop automatic transition aircrafts for civilian use. Based out of Germany, these aircrafts are pushing the technology in efficiency with the capability to take off and land without additional equipment. Quantum uses on-demand 3D printing to prototype and create finished parts for their aircraft.

Scaled to fit your business

Shapeways provides a holistic solution to you and your customers. From product development to industrial 3D manufacturing, scaled to fit your business.

With two factories, a robust supply chain, an expertise in product design and file optimization, Shapeways provides you end to end fulfillment from prototype to scaled manufacturing.

Our Services Include:

+   Industrial 3D printed materials and expertise

+   Global fulfillment

+   Proprietary Customization Technology

+   ERP Integration

"By using Shapeways, Kespry is able to quickly iterate to meet evolving customer needs while maintaining reasonable costs. Instead of spending months developing injection molded parts, we're able to go from a CAD model to production parts in less than two weeks. This production flexibility has been critical to our success."

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