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Shapeways Marketplace

With 45,000+ stores, Shapeways has the largest marketplace using 3D printing and on-demand customization and manufacturing.

Fulfillment by Shapeways

Connect here, sell faster.

Outsource your logistics with a simple connection to our platform. We’ll process the order, manufacture it and ship it directly to you or your customer.

For developers: Here are our newly relaunched development tools and guides.

For Shopify sellers: Receive exclusive access to the Shopify and Shapeways integration with the Holiday Business Bundle.


For custom sites or other platforms: We can do a custom build while we are in the process of building out our other plug and play tools. Talk to our sales team to learn more

Holiday Readiness Bundle

Advertising, integrated fulfillment and best practices to grow your business

We’re offering a limited number of kits including: showcasing your products to 1Million+ of our customers, VIP service through the holidays, and the definitive guide to selling using 3D printing-manufacturing.

Spring & Wonder

Download our guide to design, make, and sell products manufactured via 3D printing. We showcase the future of commerce with the step-by-step creation of Spring & Wonder.


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