Shapeways 3D Printed COVID-19 Solutions

For workers in any environment where hard hats and face shields are mandatory, this shield is designed to attach to a hard hat for a comfortable fit. 

Hard Hat Face Shield

Shapeways has partnered with EnvisionTEC to produce sterilized and unsterilized nasal swabs for hospitals and healthcare providers.

3D Printed Nasal Swabs

If you are looking for alternative solutions, we've found a selection of products that are 3D printable and could help protect the frontline healthcare staff. We are doing our best to find and print these products, but we cannot guarantee with certainty the efficiency of these devices, nor are they FDA approved.

Purchase COVID-19 Medical Supplies

Medical Protective Face Shield

The Shapeways Face Shield is an updated version of the face shield developed by Prusa Research.

Protective Face Shield

A hook for contactless opening of doors created by designer N3D. Download the STL file here.

Corona Hook

How we can help

If your organization is running low on medical supplies and are seeking additional options using 3D printing, or if you have a model that you'd like to share with us, please get in touch:

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